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Ep 2: Prepping for a Gov’t Shutdown…and Parenting

May 02, 2017

Our good friend Christina joins us for this week’s podcast as we chat about the possible government shutdown and parenting styles.

Without getting political about things  (which is not the goal of this episode or our podcast in general), we discuss the impacts of a possible shutdown and what that means for our families. This is something that both Christina and Maya have experienced in the past so they are, unfortunately, familiar with this situation.  Something that comes up in the discussion is whether it is necessary to plan in advance for such an event. (Spoiler: we haven’t :-)).

Planning in advance led us to talking about parenting styles (ok, it was a bit of a reach but work with us people…and listen to the episode to see just how deftly we made this transition!) Mike and Maya do not have children but we do have fur babies – and we wanted to know if our animal parenting habits are going to help us in the future as our family grows to include human babies. Christina gives us the scoop as we talk about sleep styles, discipline, playing favorites, chores, allowances, and so much more. Listen to the episode for the details and let us know what you think!  Does having fur babies prepare one for human babies?  Are Mike and Maya in trouble (when the day comes?)  Leave us a comment!

Question of the Day

While Mike and Maya love chatting with each other, we love talking with new friends even more.  So, we want to hear from you. Comment below to let us know how you reconcile parenting style differences in your relationship. Or, better yet – send us a voice recording at

Quote of the Day

We hope you enjoyed our episode! It was such a fun episode for us to record – thanks for being part of this, Christina! Aaand, finally, we want to leave you with our quote of the day:

There is no such thing as a perfect parent – just a real one. ~ Sue Atkins. 

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