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Ep 4 Pt 2…And, They Live Happily Ever After!

May 30, 2017

Get it? The Protagonist, Consul, and Virtuoso enter a bar…and then live happily ever after! (Ok, ok – that was a terrible joke.) In this episode, we continue our discussion with Suzanne about personality traits. We found a couple of related articles online and we try our best to answer questions on how introverts and extroverts handle different relationship situations. It’s always interesting to hear how two different people approach the same situation. Who knows? Maybe we will learn something that will help us out!

Introverts and Extroverts Sitting In A Tree…

If you’ve been listening to us for any length of time now (especially if you listened to Episode 4.1), you may already know that Maya’s the extrovert in this relationship, while Mike is the introvert. Ignoring that she’s a Leo and he’s a Scorpio on top of that, the introvert/extrovert dynamic is strong in this relationship! It’s been a thing that we have had to work through and face because this dynamic touches on so many aspects – how we communicate with each other, how we unwind/recharge, what makes us happy (and how we know when the other is happy – or not), just to name a few.

Signs You Are In an Introvert/Extrovert Relationship

So, are you curious if you are in such a relationship?  We found an article that lists a few signs. Check out the first 5 signs below.

  1. You prefer to sit and think after a fight, while your spouse wants to resolve things right away. 
  2. You rely on your spouse to rescue you from drawn-out conversations at parties.
  3. On occasion, you take separate cars to parties so you can duck out early and your spouse can keep socializing.
  4. You view alone time as rejuvenating, but your spouse finds it mind-numbingly boring.
  5. You are amazed at how easily your spouse meets new people, while you tend to keep to your smaller circle of close friends.

You’ll have to listen to the podcast to hear the rest of this list and also, how the list resonated with us. Does this list describe your relationship? Do you have any other signs you would add to this list?

Communicating Effectively in an Introvert/Extrovert Relationship

Once you know you’re in this type of relationship (and this extends to platonic relationships as well), it’s important to understand how to communicate effectively. We found another article that helped fuel this part of the discussion. Here are a few techniques:

  1. Know how your partner recharges. 
  2. Pick your moment.
  3. Don’t take it personally.
  4. Compromise on styles.
  5. Appreciate your partner’s influence.

We thought these were great tips. One thing we do as well (not listed) is call a “time out” if things get (or we think will get) pretty hot. It lets us cool off before we fly off the handle and say something that we may potentially regret later on. Do you have other suggestions or tips you would add to this list?

Question of the Day

Now, we want to hear from you!  How do you communicate your needs with your partner/friend/family as an introvert or an extrovert? Let us know in the comments below or send us a voice recording at 

Quote of the Day

There is always some madness in love but there is also always some reason in madness. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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